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autumn leaves

Super Spots for Fall Travel Nursing

It's a crisp Fall day. The sunlight is clear, and you're driving along a country road lined with farms and apple orchards. Where are you? Well,...

Treating Depression

What RNs Should Know About Helping Patients Cope with Depression

Registered Nurses know that statistics for depressed people and attempted suicides in the U.S. is too high: suicide was named as the fourth...

social media tips for nurses

Well-Meaning Social Media Gaffes can Cause Big Problems for Nurses

While many hospitals and healthcare systems have a social media policy in place, mistakes have been made by well-meaning nurses and the...


Graduate Nurse Jobs: Poised to Land the Ultimate Nursing Career

The Answer is “You're Hired” for BSN Graduates!

BSN-prepared nurses are in high demand! This should come as no surprise to registered...

color coded scrubs

Pros and Cons of RNs Wearing Color Coded Scrubs

Scrubs are the official garb of nurses and other hospital staff—and if everyone is wearing something different, it can be difficult for the...

Critical Thinking Pays Off!

Travel Nurses Should Sharpen Their Critical Thinking Skills

Plus shortlists that help boost your PBDS Nursing Test scores

If you’re about to start a new...

Make Sure Your Travel Nursing Application Gets Noticed

Our career experts are eager to help you match your talents with the best assignments in the country.

Most online applications follow a...

travel nursing in CT

Connecticut Travel Nursing Jobs let you Sweeten Your Summer!

Music and fun outdoor events are ripe for the picking, especially with...

national parks for travelers

Visit America’s Best National Parks and Historic Sites this Summer

Travel nurses have their fingers on the pulse of every U.S. city, but have you considered the perks of downtime when it’s spent in more rustic...

Celebrate the Contributions of RNs with National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week begins May 6, giving us all a chance to acknowledge the hard work and amazing strength of RNs throughout the country. As a...

travel nurse housing

Get the Best Out of Your Travel Nurse Housing

As a travel nurse you have the privilege to take nursing jobs anywhere in the U.S. In fact, the location where you are going the live for the next...