Magnet Designation Matters to Nurses

Magnet Hospital

Once thought to be the most reliable measure of patient care and satisfaction, nurse-patient ratios have been joined by a number of other statistics that correlate with positive outcomes. Evidence suggests nurse work environments play an important role in quality patient outcomes, along with nurses’ perception of the type of facility they work in. For example, hospitals that have earned a "Magnet" designation are recognized for valuing nurses' contributions, formalizing career development and training, and keeping lines of communication open. It is widely believed that workplace satisfaction is higher at these facilities than at non-Magnet hospitals. The ANCC (The American Nurses Credentialing Center) administers and awards the Magnet designation.

Although some healthcare experts may question the procedures for awarding and maintaining the Magnet designation, a Gallup survey indicated that nurses who work in Magnet facilities perceive the level of care they provide to patients as being higher than nurses who don’t. 

These exclusive hospitals tend to promote a high level of communication between nurses and doctors, deploy advanced medical technologies and are receptive to nurse input. Magnet facilities keep a close eye on nurse staffing burnout and typically offer health and wellness programs to enhance career satisfaction.

Nurse workplace quality is reflected in patient outcomes

The nurse workplace is under scrutiny, with hospitals, academics and institutions all looking at ways to improve patient care levels by enhancing working conditions. One case study, from McKinsey and Company, reported that improved levels of job satisfaction for nurses led to improved quality of care, reduced absentee rates, and cost savings. Although Magnet designation can require substantial investment, the hope is that it will not only enhance patient care, it will eventually earn back its investment. 

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