Did you know September is Update Your Resume Month?

The dog days of summer may be ebbing into fall, but recruiters in healthcare staffing are just warming up. Our career experts are eager to match your talents with the best and highest-paying travel nursing jobs in the country.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Travel Nursing Resume

Virtually all travel nursing agencies will require you to fill out an extensive online application, with the specifics on your licenses and credentials, your work history and your specific skills and competencies. However, there are still facilities that want to review your resume or CV as an initial step. Many employers prefer a brief document that highlights your recent skills and experience. They know they will get all the details from your online application. Additionally, it pays to have an updated resume at hand so that you can refer to it when answering questions over the phone or completing online forms.

International Update Your Resume month is just one of the themes celebrated during events this September —so don’t be surprised if messages pop up in your inbox, with the invitation to update your online nursing career application, or begin the process as a first-timer, intent on finding the perfect travel nurse job.

50 States Staffing provides a guided, step by step process that allows seasoned professionals and recent nursing graduates to log-in, save additions and changes as often as needed, and hit the “submit” button once they feel their application is at 100%.

Have these on hand in advance of making your online application

Well in advance of your travel nurse job search, you should have the following items printed or jotted down for quick reference; you’ll be transposing these bits of information to your online application:

  • Date(s) of graduation from nursing school/completion dates of specialty training and certification(s); you will also be asked to name where your nursing education was obtained
  • State nursing license # and certification #s where applicable
  • Names/contact information for professional references
  • Addresses/relevant information regarding all healthcare facilities of employ, both past and present (if you have it, furnish the last 10 years of your work history).

Qualified Applicants are literally "steps away" from finding the ultimate travel nurse career!

Answer questions on a guided, step-by-step online application today —get to work earning high pay and amazing benefits tomorrow ! Before travel nurse jobs can be found for you, you must provide the following:

  • Personal Information
  • Employment Status
  • Profession and Specialty Information
  • Professional Licensure
  • Credentials/Certifications
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Employment References
  • Skills Checklist: Expect a sliding scale that lets you rate your degree of proficiency in every facet of each specialty, as well as how you meet specific skills criteria among patients.

How to satisfy the "Robot Resume Reader" - a.k.a. the ATS

An automated resume scanner will be looking for specific words or phrases, often these will be mentioned in the job posting. Include these words or phrases in your resume if they are accurate to your experience.

  • Highlight you best skills at the top of your resume.
  • Include supporting evidence such as awards, years of experience, and certifications
  • Use section headers such as, “Work History” or “Education”. List specific skills, including:
    • Clinical settings you’ve worked in
    • Patient populations you have worked with
    • EMR/EHR systems you have mastered
    • Medications and procedures commonly administered
    • Equipment used
  • Use common fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial and keep the font size legible, ideally 12 points or above
  • Use round bullets or numbers to indicate a list
  • If using an abbreviation, spell out the words for clarification