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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Questions Asked by Travel Nurses:

1. Am I eligible for a travel nursing job?

To become a travel nurse you must have a minimum of one year of acute care clinical experience in a given specialty. All registered nurse candidates must have a valid BLS from the American Heart Association, a valid professional license within your desired state of practice (50 States Staffing will assist you with state licensure for a travel assignment in a new location), and proof of right to work in the United States. Additional certifications and experience are preferred and may be required for specific positions.

If you're a recent registered nurse graduate, you may not have the required experience yet -- but we encourage you to register with us so that when you have acquired the necessary clinical experience, you'll be ready to find a great travel job.


2. What does the process of being hired for a travel job look like?

A travel assignment is typically a 13-week position at a selected hospital. 50 States Staffing offers registered nurses assignments at university teaching hospitals, metro and community hospitals, outpatient centers, and healthcare clinics. Travel jobs are available in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago, and in small-town settings throughout New England and the Midwest.

After you complete your application, we'll start searching for positions that match your skill set, work history, facility requirements, and geographic preferences. When a match is found, your consultant will review the assignment details with you -- covering the position’s start and end dates, compensation, housing accommodations, bonuses, travel reimbursement, licensure reimbursement, and all additional benefits. If you like what you hear, your consultant will let the facility know you're interested. The healthcare facility then reviews your application and contacts you for a telephone interview. If an offer is made, your consultant notifies you, and you decide if you would like to accept the position. You have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and are ultimately the one who decides on your travel nursing destination.

When you've accepted a position and supplied all the necessary documentation, your consultant will provide you with extensive information about your new assignment, housing, and location. Regardless of whether you're on your first assignment or you're a seasoned traveler. You'll also have access to our clinical coordinators who can provide advice and coaching on clinical matters when necessary. See this sample travel nursing job assignment for an idea of the kind of information you will have about potential jobs.


3. What is the travel job interview with the hospital like?

After you select a travel job for consideration, we will set up a telephone interview with the hospital representative. During this call, you'll find out more about the hospital, the travel position, and the area where the hospital is located. The healthcare facility representative will also ask about your experience and qualifications. If you accept the assignment, we will put you on the fast track to state licensure and confirm all essential travel job details with you -- including pay, contract dates, housing, insurance, travel arrangements, and benefits. See full list of nursing interview questions, here.


4. Can I travel with family, friends, or pets with 50 States Staffing?

Yes, many of our travelers take along a spouse, partner, friend, or other family. We've also had travel professionals with pets -- cats, dogs, and even horses! We'll secure housing that meets your personal lifestyle needs. If your travel companion is also seeking a travel job, we will work to obtain coordinating assignments for you both. The choice is yours. You tell us how you'd like to travel; we take it from there.


5. During my travel nursing assignment, who do I call regarding any issues that may come up? How do I get help in case of emergency?

You can contact us in a variety of ways. In addition to your personal 50 States Staffing consultant, our Client Services Department has professionals standing by who can assist you with questions regarding payroll, housing, insurance, and benefits. In case of emergency, you’ll can call us at 800-996-2206 at any hour; follow the prompts to reach our 24-hour hotline.


6. What kind of housing does 50 States Staffing provide?

50 States Staffing has a reputation for providing some of the best traveler housing in the industry. On each assignment, you can elect to have us secure you a private, fully-furnished apartment free of charge. Housing is centrally located with on-site management services and luxury amenities when available. Most residences are equipped with full kitchens (dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator) and large walk-in closets. Many apartment complexes also offer fitness centers, spas, pools, clubhouses, and other recreation facilities.

Some travelers decide to obtain housing on their own. If you choose to do so, 50 States Staffing provides a generous housing allowance to offset your expenses.


7. Does 50 States Staffing provide me with health insurance?

Yes, 50 States Staffing's health insurance covers medical, dental, and life. We want to ensure you have optimum health as you travel. Our insurance from 50 States Staffing is customizable, and you can add dependents if you wish. You can also elect to remain with your current insurance provider, in which case we will offer you an insurance subsidy to offset your coverage costs.


8. How does 50 States Staffing arrange for travel reimbursements?

Healthcare travel job reimbursements are calculated by taking the round-trip distance from your starting point to your assignment, and then from your travel assignment back home. You'll receive the first payment in your third paycheck and the second payment in the last paycheck of your travel assignment. Most travel nurses drive to their assignments; having a car makes local transportation easier in most -- but not all -- locations. Your consultant can advise you on what works best for your destination.


9. Who do I call if I have questions about my travel job paycheck?

In addition to your 50 States consultant, our payroll specialists are available to assist you with any questions or special requests that may arise before, during, or after your assignment. We pride ourselves in offering our travelers unequaled service and support.


10. What bonuses do you offer in addition to my travel nursing job salary?

We offer completion bonuses at the end of many travel assignments. In addition, we have a very generous referral bonus plan: send us your friends, and we send you money!


Have additional questions about traveling?

Call 800-996-2206 and one of our expert consultants will happily answer your questions. Or, if you’re ready to start this exciting process, apply online now  and get the travel position you want!