Comprehensive Travel Benefits

50 States Staffing offers one of the most generous benefits packages in the industry. Travel with confidence knowing that you’re advancing your career, improving your financial security, and are supported by our dedicated corporate team.

  1. Competitive Travel Compensation
  2. Generous Housing Allowance
  3. Comprehensive Health, Dental and Life Insurance
  4. Tax Advantage Plan
  5. Travel Reimbursement
  6. License Reimbursement
  7. Weekly Payroll with Direct Deposit
  8. 401(k) Retirement Plan
  9. Continuing Education
  10. Customer Service 24/7

Competitive Travel Compensation

We want to help you meet your financial goals. As a traveler, you are likely to earn higher compensation than your permanent staff counterparts. When your entire benefits package is calculated - including your housing and travel stipends - you can make up to six figures annually.


50 States Staffing provides a generous housing allowance every travel nursing job. That way you can arrange your housing when, where and at whatever rate suits you best. Some travelers choose to stay with family and friends, some use homeshare services and some travel in RVs and campers.

We're happy to advise you on housing options or if you wish, the agency can set up accommodations for you.

Comprehensive Health, Dental and Life Insurance

Your health and well-being are important to us. We provide our travelers with comprehensive medical, dental, group life, disability, and long-term care insurance.

50 States’ medical coverage is offered through one of the nation’s leading insurance companies. You can add spouses or dependents to your plan, or, if you’d rather stay with your current insurance provider, you can opt out of our insurance. If you do decide to provide your own insurance, we will provide you with an insurance subsidy to offset your expenses.

Tax Advantage Plan

50 States Staffing offers a lucrative Tax Advantage Plan to eligible travelers. This plan includes an IRS compliant, non-taxable per diem that increases your take-home by up to 15%.

Travel Reimbursement

At 50 States Staffing, we provide our travelers with reimbursement for their travel to and from each assignment. The amount to be reimbursed is calculated by determining the distance between your current residence and your assignment.

We want to ensure your safe travel, so we also offer a reimbursement on any auto club membership you join after committing to a travel position.

License Reimbursement

If you are seeking an assignment in a state where you do not currently hold a professional license to practice, we will guide you through the licensure process. Once you obtain a position with us in that state, we will reimburse you for the cost of the license.

If you already have a license in the state where you’ll be working but it expires during the assignment, we will reimburse that expense as well.

Weekly Payroll with Direct Deposit

Our travelers receive weekly paychecks and enjoy the security and convenience of automatic direct deposits through our payroll partner, ADP. On the same day your pay is electronically deposited into your personal bank account, you can view your paystub online.

401(k) Retirement Plan

We want our travelers to have financial security and to prepare for their futures. With this in mind, we offer you the opportunity to enroll in a 401(k) retirement plan through one of the country’s best investment companies. You can control your pre-tax contributions online, and 50 States Staffing will match them!

Continuing Education

As part of our commitment to supporting the professional development of our travelers and to ensuring patients receive the highest possible standard of medical care, we provide free unlimited continuing education units (CEUs) to all of our working travelers. Courses are available online, ensuring you have access to education wherever your travel career may take you.

Customer Service 24/7

At 50 States Staffing, we are committed to providing you an exceptional level of client service before, during, and after each of your assignments. As part of this commitment, we ensure that you have access to support 24/7. Travel with confidence knowing that you are never alone.

Have questions about the benefits we offer at 50 States Staffing?

Give us a call at 800-996-2206 to speak with a knowledgeable recruiter. We are happy to answer your questions!