What is travel nursing?

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nurses, often called "travelers," are RNs who are contracted to work in a healthcare facility for a fixed period of time, usually for 13 to 26-week assignments. Travelers typically work in hospitals; the facilities can range from rural community hospitals to major metropolitan medical centers. Travel nurses are hired to fill short term needs, sometimes because their nursing specialty is in high demand in the area, sometimes due to seasonal fluctuations in patient population, and sometimes due to the challenges of hiring skilled RNs in a given region .

This unique and rewarding career path was developed in response to nursing shortages nationwide, and travelers in virtually every specialty continue to be in high demand. Traveling RNs work with established nurse staffing agencies who have developed expertise in matching the right RN with the right position. A travel nurse agency should have years of experience in preparing documentation and credentialing, setting up housing, and providing all the benefits that can make travel nursing such a lucrative career.

A travel nurse is usually required to have at least a year of clinical experience in an acute care setting. Our travelers must also be eligible to work in the US and have a license to practice in the intended destination. A reputable staffing agency will assist you with licensure in time for your new assignment.

Is There a "Typical" Travel Nurse?

We like to say there is no typical travel nurse. Many RNs who are starting in the profession opt for traveling as a way to experience different healthcare settings and different areas of the country. "Try before you buy," as it were. Some travelers choose the career because of unexpected family obligations - a partner changes jobs or a family member needs care. There is hardly a more mobile profession to be found. Seasoned nurses whose children have left the nest sometimes feel the urge to experience new things again, and find that traveling reinvigorates their passion for nursing.

A Travel Nurse Enjoys Freedom of Choice

Travel nurses are able to choose among several jobs in a variety of areas. This allows traveling nurses the freedom to choose where and when they work. The freedom to choose where and when to work is a unique benefit that allows travelers to arrange when to take time off and when to work.

Many of 50 States Staffing’s travel nurses traverse the country from California to Florida, meeting new people and experiencing everything that their new job locations have to offer. The people they work with may become life-long friends, and you they may even meet up again in their travel nursing journey. At 50 States Staffing we do our best to arrange convenient assignments for nurses who wish to travel with a friend, a relative or even a pet!

What is the Travel Nurse Pay Like?

Travel nurses earn excellent pay and benefits, often earning compensation over-and-above that of a staff nurse. You’ll be provided with free housing - or a generous housing stipend - while on assignment, not to mention comprehensive health insurance, CEU’s, relocation and licensure reimbursement, bonuses, and more.