High Travel Nursing Pay

Most travelers are looking to maximize their income. Traveling nurses are likely to earn higher compensation than their staff nurse counterparts. Factor in bonuses like free housing and generous stipends, and travel RNs can make up to six figures annually.

Earn high travel nursing pay and bonuses

With years of experience providing hospital staffing opportunities to healthcare professionals, 50 States Staffing provides our clients with access to high-paying travel nurse jobs in over 2,500 prestigious hospitals throughout the United States. We match talented traveling nurses, therapists, and other allied health professionals with top-rated healthcare facilities nationwide.

Travel Nursing Salaries at 50 States

Traveling RN's earn outstanding wages — far surpassing the median annual income for nurses overall. Factor in the top salaries, 401(k), insurance, bonuses, housing and travel allowance, free CEUs— and travel RN’s can make up to six figures annually. The continued difficulty facing healthcare employers in finding and retaining qualified RNs has put skilled RN's at a distinct competitive advantage in the travel nursing marketplace.

Increase Your Take-Home Pay with Referral Bonuses

When you recommend us to your friends and coworkers, you are paying us the highest compliment - and we want to thank you! We offer a bonus of at least $500 per referral upon the referral's completion of a 13 week assignment with us. Some RN specialties - OR, L&D, NICU, and PICU - can earn you up to $1,000!

Whether you are hoping to travel with a friend or helping a fellow RN explore new career options, we want to thank you with a bigger paycheck. There is no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn, so call your recruiter today at 800-996-2206 to get all the details!

Today's Highest Paying Travel Nurse Specialties

Avg Pay
Top Pay
Cath Lab
Case Mgmt

The estimated weekly gross pay is based on the specified number hours per week and includes available stipend amounts. Traveler eligibility is subject to company policy, as well as additional regulations and laws. Your recruiter can provide detailed pay information based on your individual situation.