For Registered Nurses Working on Christmas, It's Still the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

holiday nursing shifts

The holidays are here, and that means lots of overtime for healthcare professionals working in hospitals that remain open every hour, of every day of the year. In travel nursing jobs across the nation, one thing proves constant: no matter what holiday RNs work, even it's 12 hour shifts for several days straight, they are dedicated to the patients who need them.

It may be hard work, but there are a few perks: overtime pay can help with Christmas expenses, the pot lucks and parties at the hospitals require no cooking or cleanup, and last but not least, there’s the realization of how lucky you are to be alive and well, returning to a warm home after your shift.

One registered nurse with over 20 years in CVICU jobs (she prefers to remain anonymous) told 50 States Staffing, "sure, there are grimaces when you find out you’re working on Christmas, but you get over it pretty fast. The patients and their families are so grateful to you! Never, in all my years, have I heard any complaining or someone feeling sorry for themselves about being at the hospital. We are in this together, helping the people who need us, and trying our very hardest to somehow make their day a little bit better."

Sometimes agreeing to cover the shift of a colleague who wants to connect with their family over Christmas is the greatest gift you can give. There are also the special things nurses do for their patients that promote the holiday spirit: like singing carols with nursing home residents or young patients, bending visitor policy to accommodate someone on a peaceful Christmas night, or helping to plan a secret potluck to show your appreciation and love for your colleagues working the holidays.

Nursing is a special calling, and most if not all R.N.s are honored to have met some incredible people in their profession. Just as the CVICU nurse said when 50 States Staffing wrapped up our interview, “These registered nurses would do anything, including giving up their holiday, to take care of their patients. They don't leave when their shifts are over, they leave when their patients are stable and their work is done.”

Travel Nurses Working the Holidays Are Professional, Caring and Attentive to their Patients

Well said! If you are a registered nurse burning the midnight oil over the holidays, this would be an excellent time to contact one of our consultants 1-800-996-2206 or apply online. Happy Holidays, everyone!