Our Company Mission

Our Company Mission

Our mission at 50 States Staffing is to provide quality healthcare professionals with positions at top hospitals and facilities across the U.S., thereby promoting exceptional patient care and safety.

Our Tenets of Excellence

  • We will provide our traveling healthcare professionals with personal and career growth opportunities through placements at respected hospitals and facilities across the country.
  • We will offer exceptional support to our healthcare professionals, empowering them to provide the highest level of patient care.
  • We will nurture an environment of respect and cooperation between our travelers and corporate team, thereby creating longstanding professional relationships.
  • We will strive to make quality matches between healthcare professionals and client facilities, with the ultimate goal of ensuring exceptional patient care and positive patient outcomes.

50 States Staffing's Code of Ethics:

To support the highest quality of patient care. We encourage employees, patients, and clients to report any concerns regarding patient safety or care to both our corporate management team and to The Joint Commission.

To scrupulously recruit, qualify, and credential experienced healthcare professionals, and to place these individuals in healthcare facilities that strive for the highest standards of clinical and professional excellence.

To provide employment for our travelers in an environment of honesty, integrity, and fairness, and to provide opportunities for their continuing education and professional healthcare career advancement.

To offer the highest level of commitment and support to our travel clients and corporate staff -- to promote their success and maintain or company standards of excellence.

To nurture a philosophy of contributing to society by endorsing charitable giving and community service.