You Could Live and Work in One of these Top 5 Summer Destinations

travel nursing in florida

According to the Travel Channel, many of the best places to spend the summer are right here in the United States. And if you want to do more than simply sight-see and spend time in a beach chair (not that there's anything wrong with that), travel nursing is a wonderful way to really get to know your way around these sunny locales. 

Hot Spots for Travel Nursing

  1.  Miami, Florida - While many think of Miami as a winter getaway, it's also great in the summer. Locals relish easier summer access to restaurants and sporting events, easier traffic, and the ability to actually plunk your blanket down on any beach you like.  
  2. Catalina Island, California - Catalina is a stunning island escape, just southwest of Los Angeles' thriving medical community. Whether you want to try snorkeling, zip lining, window shopping or just relaxing in a cabana, Catalina is worth more than one visit. Note: the nursing pay in California is usually among the highest.
  3. Mackinac Island, Michigan - Perched at the tip-top of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Mackinac Island is a perfect weekend jaunt from Detroit and beyond. No cars, just horses, boats and bikes! This is a one-of-a-kind place to unwind from the modern world and enjoy nature's landscapes.
  4. Ocean City, Maryland - This lively beach town has a honky-tonk charm that will transport you to simpler times. A boardwalk lined with summer games, amusement park rides, and no lack of opportunities for crab feasts, funnel cakes and more local specialties. Cities like Baltimore and Annapolis are ideal jumping off points for the East Coast O.C. 
  5. Virginia Beach, Virginia - Explore over 30 miles of sandy beaches in this popular seaside location. An extra-wide boardwalk, biking, blading or just an easy amble will leave you with summer memories that last a lifetime. Hospitals in Newport News and Norfolk are close by, but it's also definitely worth the drive here from Richmond

Another great thing about travel nursing destinations like Miami, Maryland and Michigan is that they transition well into Fall. Your recruiter can tell you where all the upcoming opportunities are. Please don't be shy, just ask us  for the seasonal forecast!