Visit America’s Best National Parks and Historic Sites this Summer

national parks for travelers

Travel nurses have their fingers on the pulse of every U.S. city, but have you considered the perks of downtime when it’s spent in more rustic locales? Travel nurse jobs allow you to take day trips (or short drives, depending where you work) to National Parks that take our breath away.

Travel Nurse Jobs are a Working Vacation!

Sure, your travel nurse benefits make the job worthwhile, but when you consider additional benefits, like time off spent hiking, bird watching, picnicking and drinking in acres of unspoiled nature…well…it’s certainly not a bad way to unwind from that nursing summer job.

Here’s a walk across the U.S. that pinpoints notable parks and outdoor attractions.

  1. Colorado travel nursing jobs are a breath of fresh air—literally, when you visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. Here’s a bit of fun math: when you add this park’s 5 drive-in campgrounds, 359 miles of hiking trails and over 200 backcountry roads for campers with a penchant for the unmatched splendor of landscapes and its equally colorful wildlife…well…it equals a sum of incalculable fun—even by a travel nurse.
  2. Massachusetts travel nursing jobs are, as they say in the local accent, a great place to “paahk the caahr”. In Cape Cod, off duty travel nurses will enjoy forty miles of pristine beach and supporting wildlife. Lighthouses and wild cranberry bogs light up the local flavor.
  3. New Jersey travel nursing jobs unite your love of the ocean and mountains, all in the same day—especially if your travel nurse job leaves time enough to check out New Jersey’s Great Northwest Skylands and Delaware Water Gap—a sparkling river, passing between low forested mountains; with nary a house in sight, you’ll escape from it all.
  4. Connecticut travel nursing jobs ensure ample opportunity to visit the Quinebaug & Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor, with natural wonders as endless as its name. Observe great blue heron in their natural habitat, unspoiled in spite of the surrounding towns and quaint villages, sure to enrapture you with their environmentally conscience hospitality; ask about an auto tour!
  5. New York travel nursing jobs leave your social calendar wide open for visits to historic gems like Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace. Our 26th President had a rough rider uniform, as well as safari clothes—see tons of memorabilia in this Victorian era sanctuary that was his home for 14 years—it’s like stepping into a time machine.
  6. North Carolina travel nursing jobs are close to the Cape Hatteras National Park, covering over 70 miles of barrier islands and home to countless natural resources and modes of recreation. Because of its turbulent history of high tides, shoals, and storms, Cape Hatteras is rich in shipwreck artifacts—you can also learn a thing or two about light houses there—a dreamy, romantic escape between traveling nurse jobs.
  7. Ohio travel nursing jobs are especially lovely in the summer, when a visit to the First Ladies National Historic Site is a rosy outing you’ll never forget. Managed by the National Park Service, these beautifully maintained, historically accurate homes include the Ida Saxton McKinley House and seven-story National Bank Building, dating back to 1895—contemporary travel nurses will welcome the Victorian charm.
  8. Oregon travel nursing jobs provide sunny exposure to places like Crater Lake National Park. Described as an outdoor laboratory and classroom of immeasurable beauty, travel nurses will reach for their cameras in the hope of capturing the Park’s glassy blue lake and 2,000 feet high cliffs, surrounding the area’s volcanic history.
  9. Wisconsin travel nursing jobs put you in shivering range of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail—take the hike and see evidence that glaciers existed more than 12,000 years ago; appreciate the glory of what it created: Wisconsin’s many lakes, river valleys, rolling hills and ridges—all views a travel nursing agency can arrange for qualified nurses in a Wisconsin minute!
  10. Wyoming travel nursing jobs are a stone’s throw—a yellow stone, that is—from Yellowstone National Park. You could say the park is spectacular in the mere fact that it spans 3 states: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho! Yellowstone is also home to grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk, and treats travel nurses and mankind alike to the world's most extraordinary geysers, hot springs and canyons.

Travel nurses, it’s your world! Go explore it.