RNs, Want to Live and Work Fit? Here's Where.

fittest cities for travel nursing

The WellPoint Foundation and the American College of Sports Medicine recently released their report on the 50 'most fit' cities in the U.S. Their American Fitness Index was developed by some of the leading sports medicine professionals and exercise scientists in the country. The report evaluates a host of factors that affect overall health in each city. For instance, it tallies the number of public parks, recreational facilities, farmers markets and dog runs (!). It also analyzes whether or not phys ed classes are required in schools; the number of primary healthcare providers per capita, along with data on rates of smoking, diabetes, obesity, asthma and other health-related conditions.

As healthcare professionals, we can boost our own fitness levels by living in communities that encourage healthy lifestyles. The good news is, there are travel nursing jobs and in all of these sought-after locations. So if you want to live and work fit, it's easier than ever.

Here's the top five "fit" cities -- along with their AFI ratings and a link to one of many jobs available in the area. Bear in mind that jobs in these desirable locations go fast, so don't delay! (Never fear, even if the job in your dream city is snatched up, another one will come along in no time. Call a Recruiter to explore your options.)


Top 5 'Fittest' Cities

Rank City Score
1. Washington, DC 73.5
The nation's capital gets high marks for employment rates, income, and a below-average number of smokers. Plus, there's the Smithsonian to help get your brain fit, too!
2. Boston, MA 72.6
Boston did well in income levels, bicycle paths and ball parks (Go Red Sox!)
3. Minneapolis, MN 71.7
Above-average rates of employment, general physical activity and farmers markets. Guess all those lakes encourage healthy outdoor living.
4. Seattle, WA 70.5
Favorable marks for public transportation, cardiovascular condition, and phys ed classes in schools. And all that fresh local seafood is probably helping out the diet, too.
5. Portland, OR 70.4
Good scores on physical activity, walking to work and dog parks. Looks like humans and canines are both "Trailblazers" in Oregon.


No matter what your specialty, from NICU nurse to respiratory therapy, many individuals who travel the country for healthcare jobs report that they feel re-energized, not just in their careers, but also in their personal lives. Living in a community that fosters health and fitness is just part of the package.