Operating Room Jobs in Colorado

Operating room nurses are essential participants in surgeries and procedures. They perform a variety of tasks and are often categorized as circulators, scrubs, or first assists.

This is a compact state. Multi-state license accepted.

Operating Room JobsLocation-Colorado
RN OR Western Colorado Area CO
RN OR Broomfield CO
RN OR $$Central Colorado Area CO
RN OR Central Colorado Area CO
RN OR Denver CO
RN OR Loveland CO
RN OR Fort Collins CO
RN OR Denver CO

Colorado is a state filled with stunning landscapes, including snow-covered mountains that are perfect for winter skiing and fall foliage that turns the golden aspens into tourist attractions. Nature lovers take travel nursing jobs in Colorado to snowboard, hike, bike, and white-water raft. City-dwellers enjoy concerts, fantastic shopping, chef-owned restaurants, and art galleries.

* indicates fast starts; $$ indicates higher than average pay in this specialty.