Required Documents for Travel Nurses

travel nursing paperwork and app

Registered Nurses who are thinking about traveling need to have essential documents are on file prior to a job offer. How important is it? It could be the make or break difference in whether you land the job or not. The following is a partial list of documentation that healthcare employers require of travelers. When you're working with a respected and established travel nursing agency like 50 States Staffing, your Recruiter will detail everything that's needed for the job your going for.

Basic Travel Nursing Paperwork Requirements

The following paperwork is mandatory, so make sure you've got it ready. You don't want to miss the travel career opportunities with high salary that goes with it.

  • Nursing License: Send a copy if your state has not yet gone paperless. Make sure you get the front and back.
  • Proof of Immunity: Lab results for Rubeola, Rubella, Varicella, Hepatitis and Mumps titres.
  • Flu Shot: Documentation of an annual flu shot is required by most hospitals. Your Recruiter can help you schedule one if you have not done so already.
  • PPD Test: Documentation of a PPD/skin test is required, including implantation date, read date, and mm read of your last two or three PPDs.
  • BCLS Card: Issued by the American Heart Association, this is mandatory for travel nurses. Other certifications, such as ACLS and PALS may also be required; it depends on your specialty.
  • A Physician Statement: Travel nurses must complete this item once a year, and 12 months prior to the start date of the registered nurse job.
  • Respirator Fit Test: Request a copy of the results for your records because you’re going to need it.
  • Driver’s license: A high resolution color image is preferred.
  • Up-to-date resume: While it’s not required when you apply online, it’s still a good idea to update your CV, so future healthcare employers have correct contact numbers.

Keep All Forms of Travel Nurse Documentation in One Place, Preferably your Laptop

The digital age brings amazing convenience to the process of applying to top notch nursing jobs. When you begin the employment process with 50 States Staffing, you'll have access to our mobile app. You'll be able to save and transmit your docs using your phone's camera and the list of requirements and reminders. It's amazing to know that your docs are safe, secure, and ready to help you find a job with the click of a button. Get all the mobile app details from your Recruiter; you'll never look back!

Footnote: Nursing Credentialing Organizations are vital to advancement in your R.N. career. Click on one of the major credentialing entities listed in this footnote to learn more about their respective certificate programs for nursing professionals.

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