Travel Nurses Should Sharpen Their Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Pays Off!

Plus shortlists that help boost your PBDS Nursing Test scores

If you’re about to start a new travel nurse job, your healthcare employer might require you to take the Performance Based Development System or, PBDS Nursing Test, where good critical thinking skills are paramount in helping you achieve a passing score. 50 States Staffing Travel nurses earn free continuing education credits from our unlimited selection of free CEUs. Dedicated travel nurses interested in boosting PBDS nursing test scores, may find the following reasons for sharpening critical thinking skills compelling:

Reasons Critical Thinking Matters: A Short-list for Travel Nurses

  • Reason #1: Critical thinking creates new approaches to solving problems when the old approaches no longer work.
  • Reason #2: Travel nurses are seeing more patient and family involvement; in the current environment of better informed patients with higher expectations, comes the necessity to deliver better service recovery—which will not succeed without critical thinking.
  • Reason #3: Travel nurse jobs are available in hospitals, outpatient centers, patients’ homes and Rehab facilities; and therefore mastery of many different skills in diverse settings are of utmost importance.
  • Reason #4: Health IT is changing the healthcare landscape for travel nurses and permanent healthcare staff alike; without critical thinking it’s hard to learn to operate new technologies.
  • Reason #5: Critical thinking skills help travel nurses take advantage of career resources and continuing education credits that put them on track to awesome job benefits and six-figure income.

Okay, so these reasons may have grabbed your attention, but what is the PBDS Nursing Test and why is it a big deal?

For travel nurses, prestige and high standards go hand in hand; no matter their nursing specialty, a registered nurse’s level of competency in the areas of interpersonal communication skills, technical skills and perhaps most importantly, critical thinking skills are put to the test when the PBDS Nursing test is administered at the time of hire. To date, more than 500 hospitals around the country are using it; if you don’t pass the PBDS, your new travel nurse job might be on the line!

The PBDS Nursing test is multiple-choice and evaluates:

  • The travel nurse’s abilities in relationships with patients
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building in different hospitals departments
  • The travel nurse’s success in creating and following successful care plans for patients suffering a range of diseases and illnesses
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