Med/Surg Nurses Are Vital to Providing Quality Acute Care

Med/surg nurses are the backbone of the nursing system, the true bedside nurses. They are tasked with knowing how to effectively care for both medical and surgical patients.

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A nurse specializing in med/surg takes care of patients who need medical treatment, such as those with diabetes, COPD, and any other condition that doesn’t require surgical intervention. For this reason, a med/surg nurse is often described as a “jack of all trades,” a characteristic that makes the specialty both vital and interesting. Med/surg nurses handle cases ranging from pulmonary and neurologic to oncologic and orthopedic, as well as many others. It takes a special nurse to work here.

* indicates fast starts; $$ indicates higher than average pay in this specialty.

compact state Indicates a Nursing Licensure Compact state. Multi-state license accepted.