Labor and Delivery Nurses Witness the Miracle of Life

A labor and delivery nurse, or L&D nurse, helps women through the birthing process, assessing for complications. These nurses also care for the newborn babies in distress from the birthing process.

Labor And Delivery JobsLocation
RN L&D Goldsboro NC
RN L&D Northern Georgia Area GA
RN L&D Des Moines Area IA
RN L&D Southern Alaska Area AK
RN L&D Gettysburg-Shrewsbury-York Area ME
RN L&D $$Watertown-Fort Drum Area NY
RN L&D $$Salinas Area CA
RN L&D $$Scranton - Wilkes-Barre Area PA
RN L&D $$Northern California Area CA
RN L&D Allegany-Chautauqua Area ME
RN L&D $$Goldendale-The Dalles Area OR
RN L&D $$Turlock CA
RN L&D Framingham MA
RN L&D Kansas City MO
RN L&D $$Las Vegas NV

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L&D nurses assist women in the process of labor to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. They assess how a mother and baby are progressing and intervene if either patient is in distress. In addition, they are vital to determining when labor is complete and when the woman needs to move into the delivery portion of the process.

* indicates fast starts; $$ indicates higher than average pay in this specialty.

compact state Indicates a Nursing Licensure Compact state. Multi-state license accepted.