Emergency Room Jobs in Texas

Busy Emergency Room nurses must handle a wide range of medical situations, from the life-threatening to the relatively routine.

This is a compact state. Multi-state license accepted.

Emergency Room JobsLocation-Texas
RN ER San Augustine TX
RN ER San Antonio TX
RN ER Longview TX
RN ER Longview TX
RN ER Houston TX
RN ER Northern Texas Region TX
RN ER Cedar Park TX
RN ER Abilene-San Angelo Area TX
RN ER Waxahachie TX
RN ER Waxahachie TX
RN ER Central Texas TX

Texas is known for going big. Cities are huge, plains are expansive, music is off the charts, and sports teams dominate. In Texas, travel nurses enjoy things on a large scale. First-class dining is in Dallas, world-class music festivals are in Austin, and one of the country’s biggest space and science epicenters is in Houston. If that’s not enough, check out one of Texas’s numerous sports teams: MLB Houston Astros or Texas Rangers, NFL Dallas Cowboys, or NBA San Antonio Spurs.

* indicates fast starts; $$ indicates higher than average pay in this specialty.