Emergency Room Jobs in Pennsylvania

Busy Emergency Room nurses must handle a wide range of medical situations, from the life-threatening to the relatively routine.

Emergency Room JobsLocation-Pennsylvania
RN ER Ephrata PA
RN ER Wilkes-Barre PA
RN ER Wilkes-Barre PA
RN ER Wilkes-Barre PA
RN ER Sayre PA
RN ER Berwick PA

If you want to work in a state that offers many opportunities to learn about United States history, consider a travel nurse job in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is home to the Liberty Bell and to Independence Hall, where the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were drafted. In this hub of freedom and liberty, you’ll find career freedom and a carefree way of life.

* indicates fast starts; $$ indicates higher than average pay in this specialty.