Emergency Room Travel Nurse Job in Sleepy Hollow New York

Emergency Room RN $$
Sleepy Hollow
New York
13 weeks
Nights 11.5

* $$ indicates higher than average pay in this specialty.

50 States Staffing has an opening for a traveling ER RN in New York. This assignment puts you in the New York, NY area. Busy Emergency Room nurses must handle a wide range of medical situations, from the life-threatening to the relatively routine. Enjoy the increased pay and new experiences that come with traveling to locations like Sleepy Hollow, along with a full benefits package and top-rated customer service.

Sleepy Hollow

This Emergency Room position in Sleepy Hollow includes a full benefits package.

If for any reason this Emergency Room assignment in doesn't suit you, your recruiter will immediately begin searching for another rewarding position that meets your personal and professional requirements. With our extensive selection of jobs in elite healthcare facilities from coast to coast, you could be setting out on a new contract nursing assignment in no time at all.


Date Posted: 2019-09-11

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