Travel Nurses are Leaders in Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer awareness and nursing

Traveling RNs criss-cross the country sharing their skills and expertise with an appreciative public; now you can join them in the walk to find a cure. Breast Cancer Awareness month is going on all October long, in every U.S. state. To find a local event, visit the American Cancer Society’s website at Making Strides Event Near You.

It’s time for travel nurses to get inspired! Start by sending out an eye-catching e-card or sharing a social media post. As a travel nurse, you’ve more than likely steered patients in the right direction when it comes to early detection and measures breast cancer survivors can take to ensure a healthy remission.

Tips from the American Cancer Society remind us that unhealthy lifestyle habits, which factor into heart disease and diabetes, may also be linked to cancer, so some of the best preemptive strikes travel nurses can live and educate about are:

  • Not smoking; restricting alcohol consumption
  • Maintaining a healthy weight/BMI
  • Getting an annual mammogram, starting at age 35 to 40, depending on family history
  • Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day

Other Ways for Travel Nurses to Help Breast Cancer Research

If you are looking to meet annual continuing education requirements, you may find this course a useful resource: featured on the American Nurses Association (ANA) website and providing an update on current breast health evaluations: Breast Cancer Gets Personal.

In the meantime travel nurses should:

  • Remind patients of the importance of, as well as how to perform, self-breast exams
  • Provide patients with the resources and community support they need to beat the disease or simply learn more

We Want Travel Nurses to Know

At 50 States Staffing, talented healthcare staff work in travel nurse jobs that span the entire country; proximity to breast cancer events that support life-saving research isn’t the only reason to get involved.

Each year our staff participates in a walk to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. Make an online donation, sponsor a walker, or book your own charitable 3 to 5 mile journey; anything a travel nurse can do, furthers a great cause in the premier fundraising event of the season!

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