Packing Up for Your Next Travel Assignment? Less is More!

packing for your trip

Whether it's your first travel assignment, or the latest of many, you want to make sure you’re organized well in advance of moving day, relaxed and eager to report for duty. It starts with a great list!

Travel Nurse Packing List

With decades of experience under helping travel nurses settle in, we’ve found that breaking your list into categories works best.

  • Clothing & accessories
  • Important documentation (ie. driver's license, Social Security card and birth certificate. The medical facility where you will be working may need a copy of your credentials or your professional services agreement). Most of your paperwork can be digitized, with a scanner app or one that uses your phone's camera storage.
  • Prescriptions & hard to replace personal items like contacts, eye glasses
  • All your essential tech devices (i.e. cell phone, laptop, tablet)
  • Kitchenware (pots, pans, dishes and cutlery)
  • Towels & bedding
  • Recreational equipment, (i.e. roller blades, hiking or ski gear)
  • Mementos & photos you can’t live without

If there's one thing our seasoned travelers repeat, it's "Pack light!" You may be surprised by how little you really need to live comfortably, and packing light is a great way to reduce your stress levels. That said, you know what you're comfortable with. Maybe paper plates and disposable cutlery aren't your thing. Go ahead, bring that treasured set of tableware.

Notice we left off travel nurse job location. The same goes for stuff like hangers and health & beauty supplies that come cheap no matter where you are.Your personal consultant, who helps coordinate your travel nurse housing, will advise on what to jot down for each packing category. Your consultant narrows down personal "must haves" during the travel nurse assignment by helping you decide if you want a turn-key apartment or standard furnished unit.

Consider the Assignment Length

For assignments under 8 weeks, a turn-key, corporate hotel or month-to-moth studio pre-equipped with kitchenware could be ideal—this way, you head off for your destination without the extra luggage. For those longer assignments, a private apartment is more likely. No worries about basic furniture, we provide a furnished apartment. All you have to do is bring your own sheets and dishes. You might also choose a housing stipend and arrange for your own lodging. Still, it’s important to fully discuss your housing needs with your Recruiter, particularly if you plan on traveling with a significant other or a furry friend. 

Consider the Job Location

Remember that, when it comes to recreational gear and clothing, your packing choices really depend on where you’re going! Every state in the U.S. has something unique to offer its travelers, be they mountains to climb, bunny slopes to master, or oceans to snorkel in. If museum touring and air-conditioned sight seeing is more your thing, you still want to be comfortable and blend in with the locals. In the month leading up to Day 1 of the travel nurse assignment, check the local forecasts from week to week and see what the standard is; will it require sweaters, slacks and coats, or casual wear that breathes in the heat? 

If you’re still hoping to land that perfect travel nurse assignment and are scouring various travel nurse career resources to find nurse interview tips and reasons to feel GREAT about becoming a highly paid traveling nurse.