Contemplating a Career Boost with an ICU Travel Nursing Job?

icu travel nursing jobs

Embarking on a travel nurse career means you’re adventurous and ambitious, eager for the potential 20% hike in salary ICU Travel nursing jobs have to offer, not to mention job placement in America’s best hospitals—a given at 50 States Staffing, where the client base includes over 80% of top ranking hospitals in U.S. News & World Report.

If that isn’t enough, it may help you to know that, although ICU nurse employers can appreciate your loyalty after working at the same hospital for years, many prefer the well-rounded, patient-care perspective of a traveling ICU nurse. While travel nurses snag the attention of healthcare employers nationwide, they are also touring a great deal of it! Working in bustling cities in the U.S. is a wonderful perk that comes with the job, and the best part? At 50 States Staffing, we provide free deluxe housing accommodations for you, your spouse, children and pets!

Find Out How Traveling Measures Up Against a Staff ICU Position

Say, for example, you’re interested in traveling ICU jobs in Florida; once you accept the job offer, our recruiters put everything in motion, providing you with the tools and convenient online resources to relocate with ease, making your way in an exciting new city that’s at the center of well known shopping and dining districts, site-seeing highlights and more.

Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to your comfort zone and leave a permanent staff job, but consider the pros of a travel nurse career—with its free private housing, included in travel nurse job benefits, plus exposure to new sites and professional experiences, almost anybody would be tempted; so how do you make the right call when the question arises: Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve read other travel nurses’ reviews. What other factors should figure into my decision to take an ICU travel nursing job?

Critical Care travel nurse jobs at 50 States Staffing offer superior pay, flexibility in scheduling, life-enhancing benefits and the opportunity to see Alaska, Hawaii, New York City, Florida, Montana, Maine—just to name a few! Click on the travel nurse job locations link to read more about possible destinations. Assignments last anywhere from 4 to 26 weeks, and VIP customer care is there for consult anytime you need it, to feel even more “at home!”.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Embarking on an ICU Travel Nurse Job

Because you may change ICU travel nurse jobs as often as 4 times a year, it’s a good idea to remind yourself why you got into this type of nursing in the first place, so make sure you answer in the affirmative to everything on this shortlist.

  • Is my background and experience working with diverse patient populations both impressive and positive?
  • Am I able to facilitate multiple treatment techniques with patients?
  • Do I have an interest in Health IT and emerging trends in medicine?
  • Do I look toward my healthcare career to provide me with cultural enrichment?

That last item on the list resonates the most with RNs born to be travel nurses. If you’ve always wanted the chance to blend work and adventure, AND meet friends for life, contact 50 States Staffing TODAY! Happy trails!