Travel Nursing Jobs in Connecticut Can Enrich Your Summer!

travel nursing in CT

Music and fun outdoor events are ripe for the picking, especially with Connecticut travel nursing jobs so close to the action. This June, Preston Connecticut—halfway between Boston and New York, and minutes from Mystic—is on the map for summer fun at the Strawberry Park Campground.

Travel nurses who enjoy destinations on the National Register for historic places, will fall in love with Preston; it’s in the Southeastern region of the state and home to Strawberry Park since 1974. This campground offers 160 acres, filled with weekend activities, like horseback riding, bocce ball, karaoke and bingo—even parachuting! Come Summer, Strawberry Park is host to the Bluegrass Festival of the year. Click Cajun/Zydeco Music Festival June 7-10th . In addition to musical guests with huge fan followings, this event encourages one and all (especially you travel nurses) to cut loose on wide wooden dance floors and sway to the beat of what’s been hailed “Blast from the Bayou!” Workshops on dance instruction are available at this event. You can buy tickets online, as well as browse packed activity and performance schedules.

At Strawberry Park, campground space is always available for purchase, so you’ll want to check into overnight lodging there during these events. Wouldn’t it be great to listen to summer crickets and the sounds of Louisiana, sample its great cuisine, and not have to worry about getting back on the road once you’re ready to turn in?

Travel nurses can sleep under the stars on strawberry scented summer nights—this month, Connecticut travel nursing jobs are close to strawberry fields bursting with the first pick of the season! See some of our affiliate travel nurse blogs on other outdoor adventures to partake in this summer, at National State Parks that make you say, “I Love Travel Nursing Jobs!”

Happy summer, everyone!