Travel Nursing with Pets - Our Top Tips

RNs who work with 50 States Staffing know that pets are more than welcome on the travel nursing journey. We have helped RNs travel with dogs, cats, turtles, goldfish and even the occasional horse. Our luxurious free private housing is ideal for pet lovers.

Most Pets who Travel with their RNs are Old Hands at Life on the Road

Once your dog or cat has been on a travel nursing job or two with you, they get used to the routine. The car ride is fun (or at least bearable), the new place smells cool, there are lots of new animals to get to know and stuff to dig up. But just in case you've still got concerns, we've got a few insider tips for you.

Concerned About Your Dog's Barking or Separation Anxiety?

Is your dog prone to barking? There are many training strategies for reducing barking, and anxiety which is particularly likely when you're out. While you're waiting for the training to kick in, here are a few tips for keeping Fido happy and calm while you’re at work.

  • Three words: Pack dog toys!
  • Got an old sweater or T-shirt that smells like you? Great! Make it into a snuggle bundle for your dog so he doesn’t miss you.
  • Click this natural remedies link if you’re trying to help your dog relax.

Dog Breeds: The Quiet Types

  • The Schipperke
  • The Pug
  • The Schnauzer
  • The Scottish terrier
  • The Shih Tzu
  • The Cocker Spaniel
  • The Welsh Corgi
  • The West Highland White Terrier
  • The Whippet
  • The Italian Greyhound

Insider Tips for Keeping the Chewing and Clawing to a Minimum

Your travel nurse housing is furnished and waiting for your special touches. Knowing that you aim to keep your domicile in mint condition, pet experts recommend the following:

  • Cover dining room seat cushions with an inexpensive towel or old t-shirt. It helps keep hairs down to a minimum.
  • Worried about cat claw marks? Low-tack tape can be an effective deterrent, as can a spray bottle filled with organic solution that makes cats say "ick." (Test on a tiny spot on furniture first). Even better, a fully-sanctioned cat scratch post doused in catnip!

Top Dogs for Apartment Dwellers

The size, quiet nature and low activity level of these breeds make them obvious choices for apartment dwelling RNs. These dogs are easy to train, loyal, and just as comfortable staying in as they are at the park.

  • West Highland White Terrier
  • French Bulldog
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Dachshund

Insider Tips for Keeping Pets Healthy and Active

Remember to have your pet’s shots updated and tagged; also request documentation to bring with you and store in a safe place—just in case the apartment complex should ask for proof of vaccinations. Apartments tend to impose a 50-lb limit for your pet, or a total combined weight of 75 pounds if you have more than one. Follow the rules, and in no time, you’ll be sitting back in your "Bark"-a-lounger to enjoy the ride! We look forward to meeting you!

Save on your pet's annual shots by getting low-cost vaccination at pet stores near you. For instance, Pet Supermarket has a vaccination schedule that you can pick up at the store.