This National Nurses Week, May 6-12th, Be the Change You Want to See in the World!

“Nurses Leading the Way” is the perfect theme for 2014’s National Nurses Week. Successful healthcare reform in the United States and changes to Medicare mean that RNs are poised to take on an even bigger role in medicine. Changing demographics confirmed by the Institute of Medicine’s report on registered nurses’ future give RNs every reason to remain the determined, confident, innovative thinkers that the healthcare industry has come to rely on—a precedent set when Florence Nightingale modernized nursing jobs for today’s empowered RN.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) pays tribute to Nightingale by beginning Nurses Week on May th and ending it on her birthday, May 12. To ensure things go off with a bang, ANA offers a free webinar, and National Nurses Week toolkit, available for all RNs online. The week features highlights for RNs on just about every nursing career trajectory, from National Student Nurses Day on May 8th to a world celebration of international nurses on May 12th.

Pay-It-Forward Ideas that Celebrate You and Your Fellow RNs!

While this week of important events will feature lots of T-shirts, pins, flowers and cards, it’s important to take nursing awareness to the next level by paying it forward in your hospital or clinic. These are just a few thoughtful ideas to keep Florence Nightingale’s legacy strong:

  • Buy or lend a copy of your favorite nursing book for a new graduate on your unit.
  • Bring the unit secretary a token of your appreciation for helping nurses shine—like a hot cup of coffee or fresh flowers.
  • Surprise your fellow nurses with homemade cookies, attaching a card that explains how much you enjoy working with them. Healthy Careers has brilliant, easy dessert recipes you can whip up in a flash!
  • Organize a special brunch, just for you and your RN buddies.
  • Volunteer to help out a colleague if he or she has a difficult patient or project
  • Answer a call light for another nurse.
  • Make a donation to a worthy nursing organization in a coworker’s name.
  • Host a “movie night”, with this fascinating 1 hour Nightingale biopic as the main event!

Have You Done a Good Deed During Nurses Week?

So, what about you? How will you celebrate this important event? Will the efforts you make, the smiles you give and receive, and the excellent healthcare you provide throughout the year speak to the whole point of National Nurses Week—to transform healthcare through leadership? Please leave us a comment and let us know. In the meantime, 50 States Staffing wishes its nursing team, with RNs in all fifty U.S. states, success in remaining as they are: active contributors to healthcare. May they continue to be, as the great Gandhi said, “the change they want to see in the world.”


National Nurses Week Is an Opportunity to Think about Florence Nightingale’s Legacy

What Does It Mean for Your Nursing Career?  

The founder of modern medicine, Florence Nightingale would be turning 193 this month.statue of Florence Nightingale - National Nurse Week Her birthday is celebrated in nursing throughout the United States, as R.N.s are honored and recognized during National Nurses Week, beginning on May 6 and running through May 12. The American Nurses Association (ANA) has announced this year’s theme as “Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care”, a feat registered nurses have always done and will continue to do—only with noted improvements as healthcare reform gets underway and more Americans than ever before seek medical treatment.

By spring of 2020, when the bicentennial of Ms. Nightingale’s birth comes around, the BLS predicts that nursing careers will be the top occupation in terms of job growth. BLS also predicts a massive nursing shortage, but being aware of that now, primes R.N.s both aspiring and practicing, to take the necessary steps in their education, training and professional choices.

ANA is a good place to start in promoting awareness for who your peers are and what they do. In addition to a media kit that provides template letters to send to your legislators and community organizers, and other ideas in promoting nursing, there is the Florence Nightingale pledge, written when she was living. The pledge resonates today.

It reminds us that, more than likely, a peer you encountered on the nursing career path was an amazing teacher, one who taught you not just the basic and technical skills you needed to know, but how to bring these skills to patients on a humanitarian level, in a highly organized way that let you comfort and educate patients of any age or background.  National Nurses Week is an opportunity to be cognizant of that person or moment that taught you how to see patients as individuals, and get to the root of their real problems and find the right solutions.

While every nurse knows that Florence Nightingale said “The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm,” there are still more quotes worth reminding nurses about during this special week for healthcare professionals. She also said, “I attribute my success to this. I never gave or took any excuse.” The projected nursing shortage, changes to Medicare and the aging baby boomer population outpacing R.N.s on hand, are no excuse to stop now.

50 States Staffing Is a Leader in Forwarding Nursing Careers. No excuses.

Nurses want many of the same things: a job that can be done in any state, in a part-time or full-time capacity—or maybe with overtime. R.N.s want flexibility, leading to exciting travel nurse jobs or more permanent ones, and they can find that kind of lifestyle at an experienced healthcare staffing agency. If you are looking for a career that lets you establish yourself as a role model, not just for a moment but for a lifetime, call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online.

When Nightingale added “How very little can be done in the spirit of fear” she was talking about R.N.s who make a real difference in patients’ lives because they understand that sentiment so well. Happy National Nurse’s Week to all the R.N.s out there; stay fearless and strong!

*BLS statistics and other percentages in nursing job growth came from a media relations fact sheet at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Perioperative Nurses Week Encourages Nurses to Support AORN

November 5 – 11

Caring for patients in the operating room is what perioperative nurses do best. Nobody understands this better than The Association of Perioperative Nurses or AORN. This Perioperative Nurses Week, those in OR nursing jobs are more on the radar than before, supporting the scrub nurses and circulating R.N.s willing to give talks, host events, or visit schools—all in an effort to get the next generation interested in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of surgery. If you love knowledge, and especially the idea of sharing it, visit the AORN website for student recruitment tools and member success stories. AORN is also the ideal place to make a donation, or pick up a recognition gift for someone in your workplace who helped make a difference.

OR Nursing Jobs At 50 States Staffing Offer Free and Limitless Continuing Education!

As an advocate of continued education and source of limitless and free CEU’s, we encourage our OR nurses to tune into AORN free webinars that present the latest clinical and management issues, perioperative news, and best practices. Ambitious operating room professionals may also want to talk with your fellow OR nurses about how easy continuing education for R.N.s is, when it’s done online.

Lockstep with AORN in empowering the OR nurse with education, standards of practice, and peer networking, our nurses work in operating rooms with state of the art equipment and learn to master groundbreaking technologies that increase patient survival rates. At the right staffing agency, OR nurses fine tune their professional, technical and practical problem-solving skills—all the while enjoying free private housing and healthcare as part of an amazing travel nurse benefits package.

Advance Your Perioperative Nursing Skills and You Could Earn Six Figures!

OR nurses have plenty of reasons to be excited; their R.N. career may evolve into an operating room director, budget manager, perhaps even a nursing anesthesiologist where a six-figure income awaits! OR jobs are offered nationwide and offer top benefits; call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online to learn more. Please remember during this week, and the other 51, that all facets of perioperative nursing are critical to patient safety, and to a well run, well rounded hospital staff. Stay sharp OR nurses. We hope to hear from you soon!

Travel Nurse and Therapist Jobs Offer a Memorial Day Cure for the Summertime Blues

memorial day

Ah, Memorial Day weekend … it’s the official start of summer, and an invitation for travel nurses and therapists to take advantage of fun happenings around town. As far as the R.N.s and therapists working for this staffing agency are concerned, the playing field exists in all fifty U.S. states! We hope you’ll arrive safely at your destinations; to determine where those might be, please explore the links provided in our footnote about Memorial Day events near you!

Where Are the Most Active Areas for  Registered Nursing Jobs?

Right now, R.N. jobs are particularly hot in California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Nevada. Click the travel nurse job links to read more about high paying nursing careers in states with no shortage of slots for R.N.s! Whether they shy away from the heat in free private housing or venture out for the festivals and sporting events that go hand in hand with Memorial Day weekend, chances are, good times are on the travel nurse horizon! Share your summer adventures by leaving a comment here, or ‘liking’ us on Facebook.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapist Jobs Also Top the List!

Don’t leave any stones unturned this summer in your travel therapist job search—but remember to wear your gloves, ’cause they are HOT—offering salaries that range in the six figures with a generous benefits package. Physical therapy jobs don’t get any better than they are right now in California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and Iowa. The Golden and Lone Star states are just as rife with opportunity for occupational therapists, in addition to Washington, Ohio and Maryland.

Memorial Day Reminds Us that Military Nurses Were Among the First ‘Travelers’

Healthcare professionals who choose to serve in travel nursing and travel therapist jobs can identify with the travelers who came before them. Just think about the impressive timeline of U.S. military nursing, dating back centuries. During World War I, more than 10,000 nurses served, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean by ship. Later, in the 1960s and 70s, brave R.N.s went overseas to nurse injured soldiers in Vietnam; these young professionals had just graduated from nursing school, and committed themselves to no less than 1 year of working abroad. Capture some of that same spirit with flexible travel nurse jobs that range from 8 to 26 weeks! Call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online today to get cooking on the ultimate healthcare career!

Footnote: Interested in more history regarding nurses and wars? Get it by clicking on Remembering military nurses on Memorial Day. And as promised, your links to Memorial Day fun around the country: in Washington D.C., Las Vegas and Southern California.

Stories from the Nursing Career Path Inspire During National Nurses Week

Advocate, Lead and Care. It’s not just the 2012 theme for National Nurses Week, but definitive areas where registered nurses capture the respect and gratitude of patients and families, colleagues and friends alike. This important week begins on May 6th and ends with a bang, not a whimper, on Florence Nightingale’s birthday; her’s is a story that nurses, both practicing and aspiring, know by heart.

R.N.s are Natural Born Leaders. Here’s Why.

Nursing jobs attract trail blazers—not people looking to rest on their laurels. Healthcare trends continue to change, and new technologies are introduced every day. Because of healthcare reform, implemented by the Obama Administration and expected to be in every hospital in America by 2014, more patients are eligible for, and will seek health care. Nurses will be ready. The Institute of Medicine, American Nurses Association and U.S. News & World Report have reported an amazing job outlook for the nursing profession, calling it 2012’s #1 job in America, and the backbone of this country’s healthcare system.

National Nurses Week 2012

Nurses Care

Nurses value continuing education, which is why experienced staffing agencies offer unlimited free CEUs that fit the travel nurse lifestyle. Learn, benefit and rack up credits from the comfort of private housing—just one feature of a generous benefits package. In America today, 3 million have answered their calling as nurses, with superstars among the pack balancing work and family. These nurses publish papers on subjects that ultimately improve clinical outcomes for their patients. Their spouses and children will tell you that it wasn’t easy, but after investing countless hours, and caring for family, they still made it happen.

“We Are Here to Protect and Serve”

Anne Mitchell, R.N., a veteran of Texas nursing jobs cared deeply for her patients, which is why—when she suspected a doctor of wrongdoing—she submitted a confidential letter to the Texas Medical Board. She was shocked, as was the rest of the nursing community, when her good intentions lead to a criminal investigation and trial. National Nursing Associations had this nurse’s back, raising $40,000 to help with her acquittal. Interested R.N.s can read the full story by clicking a link in the footnote.

50 States Staffing Cares Too, Placing Our Talented Nursing Staff with Premier Healthcare Employers

Are you a compassionate and inexhaustible R.N. ready to take your talents on the road and enjoy the travel nurse lifestyle? If the answer is yes, you’ll enjoy your pick of high paying jobs in all 50 U.S. States, and work in diverse clinical settings, recognized among America’s best hospitals list in U.S. News & World Report. Call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online today. There’s no better time to put on your R.N. pin—glinting in the sunshine across America during National Nurses Week.

Footnote: Interested in the story about the Texas R.N. who showed such bravery? Click on Nurse Whistleblower Not Guilty For Reporting Doctor. You can also show your support for this professional observance by visiting ANA’s detailed suggestions for celebrating Nurses Week!

Medical-Surgical Nurses Weeks

Med-Surg Nurses Are Being Celebrated in all 50 U.S. States, November 1-7th!

50 States Staffing is proud to place R.N.s in travel nurse jobs that top honorary lists on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals 2011-12: The Honor Roll. These registered nurses are trained in a wide variety of specialties, and include R.N.s in med surg jobs that are snagging extra appreciation this month as another National Med-Surg Nurses Week kicks off Nov. 1.

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) is doing a fantastic job of bringing this important week in healthcare to the attention of the public at large, from hospital staff, to patients and the general public. Everyone should know the importance of med/surg nurses, as they are synonymous with urgent care.

Enjoy a Travel Nurse Lifestyle That Revolves Around a High Paying Med/Surg Job

Med/surg nurses in travel nurse jobs earn up to 50% more than R.N.s in permanent positions. They also treat a wide range of patients and focus on exciting areas like Cardiovascular, Hematology/oncology, Geriatrics, Wound Care and so much more! Perhaps the best part is the opportunity to work with groundbreaking technologies, described in some of the posts on the I love Travel Nursing blog; an important part of what makes the nursing career resources at 50 states Staffing stand apart.

Kick Off National Med/Surg Nursing Week by Calling 50 States Staffing Today!

If you’re trained for med surg nursing jobs and interested in launching a customized job search that can take you virtually anywhere in the U.S.A, offering, as part of the travel nurse lifestyle, free private housing, healthcare and other stellar benefits, call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online. The perfect Med/Surg nursing career is around the corner. What better time to get on a cutting edge career path, than during National Med/Surg Nurses Week?

Looking for Ways to Honor a Fellow R.N. on the Med/Surg Floor of Your Hospital?

Perhaps you are, in your own right, making rapid advancement on the nursing career path, and already increasing awareness about what med surg nurses bring to the healthcare landscape. Whether it’s staying ahead of the latest trends in medicine, keeping up with nursing certifications and CEUs, or going the extra mile by letting a nursing student shadow you for the day, your contribution counts!

This May is Oncology Nursing Month

A Great Time to Apply for Rewarding Travel Nurse Jobs Across the USA

For nurses, Springtime is a season full of recognition and appreciation, with Oncology Nursing Month one of several national healthcare events that’s celebrated throughout the month of May. For R.N.s guiding patients through cancer treatment and recovery, the theme chosen by the Oncology Nursing Society couldn’t ring truer: oncology nurses ARE exceptional people, providing extraordinary care.

We’re Dedicated to Staffing Exceptional Nurses

oncology nurse50 States Staffing is dedicated to finding exceptional nurses and placing them in rewarding R.N. jobs in all fifty U.S. states! Take advantage of our online career resources that put you on the fast track to unlimited free continuing education credits, salary, testing information and more! If you love mixing travel with high paying nursing careers in a sub specialty, or area of advanced practice nursing, exploring the possibilities in travel nursing careers is a great way to do that, as well as touch a lot of lives and help a lot of people.

And While You’re At It…

Don’t forget to check in with the Oncology Nursing Society for more ideas on how to spread the word in your community about this special month in healthcare. You can also wear, tote along or decorate your office with ONS necessities in honor of Oncology Nursing Month.

While May is a time for R.N.s trained to lead in the transformation of cancer care, it’s also an ideal time for a fresh start in a variety of professional nursing roles. Find out today why so many professionals choose 50 States Staffing as their travel nursing agency. And, it’s simple to get started, simply  apply online !

Travel Nurses Celebrate May 6-12 – it’s National Nurses Week!

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th. For decades now, International Nurses Day has been celebrated on this date, and for R.N.s across the United States, it’s the caper on National Nurses Week, beginning on May 6th. The American Nurses Association (ANA) ensures that this 7-day event is widely publicized and honors R.N.s for their hard work 365 days a year. 50 States Staffing joins ANA in their congratulations and support, and would like to help spread the word on ways to increase awareness of this special event for over 2 million R.N.s in nursing jobs nationwide.

Celebrate National Nurse WeekYou are encouraged to celebrate National Nurses Week in a multitude of ways, whether it’s by hosting a small reception for R.N.s in your community, or submitting a story about nurse pride to a local news source. ANA has published ideas that help us get in full celebration mode on the ANA site, with suggestions ranging from getting local politicians more interested in healthcare, to working cooperatively with public schools and hospitals, reminding them what May 6th thru the 12th is all about.

Travel Nurse Jobs in Every U.S. State Recognize National Nurses Week!

It’s good news for travel nurses that the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates massive job growth for travel nurses and therapists, who answer the call to an adventurous travel nurse lifestyle, and earn high pay and benefits wherever it takes them. Gaining special event information during National Nurses Week happens when you take advantage of one of 50 States Staffing’s most informative career resources: a page providing direct links to each of the 50 U.S. nursing boards; find out what’s happening in your state of employ for National Nurses Week and the other 51 weeks this year!

Embody the Theme: “Nurses Trusted to Care”

At 50 States Staffing, travel nurse jobs in some of the most exciting destinations in the country are ripe for the picking; work in as many as 4 different high paying assignments a year or enjoy a permanent position. Call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online today to grow your nursing career into the American dream you know it can be. Happy National Nurses Week everyone!

Footnote: Wearing an official R.N. pin is just one of the many ways travel nurses can proudly display their profession during this important week. The pin is offered with other promotional items (affiliated with ANA) on

Travel Nurses are Poised to Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Registered nurses like you, travel around the country sharing your skills and expertise with an appreciative public; now you can join them in the walk to find a cure. Breast Cancer Awareness month is going on all October long, in every U.S. state. To find a local event, visit the American Cancer Society’s website at Making Strides Event Near You.

It’s time for travel nurses to get inspired! Start by sending out an eye-catching e-card, compliments of the American Cancer Society. As a travel nurse, you’ve more than likely steered patients in the right direction when it comes to early detection and measures breast cancer survivors can take to ensure a healthy remission.

Tips from the American Cancer Society remind us that unhealthy lifestyle habits, which factor into heart disease and diabetes, may also be linked to cancer, so some of the best preemptive strikes travel nurses can live and educate about are:

  • Not smoking; restricting alcohol consumption
  • Maintaining a healthy weight/BMI
  • Getting an annual mammogram, starting at age 35 to 40, depending on family history
  • Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day

Other Things Travel Nurses can do to Help Breast Cancer Research

Travel nurses will find the following resource, provided by the U.S. Department of Health useful; it’s featured on the American Nurses Association (ANA) website and serves as an updated manual regarding breast health. Get the Understanding Breast Changes: A Health Guide for Women here.

In the meantime travel nurses should:

  • Remind patients of the importance of, as well as how to perform self-breast exams
  • Provide patients with the resources and community support they need to beat the disease or simply learn more

50 States Staffing Wants Its Travel Nurses to Know

At  50 States Staffing, talented healthcare staff work in travel nurse jobs that span the entire country; proximity to breast cancer events that support life-saving research isn’t the only reason to get involved. Leave us a comment about what’s inspiring you this year to walk for a cure; whether you are a travel nurse in remission from breast cancer and celebrating another 5 year milestone, supporting a family member battling the disease, or simply setting a good example for your patients, we want to hear about it.

Make an online donation, sponsor a walker, or book your own charitable 3 to 5 mile journey; anything a travel nurse can do, furthers a great cause in the premier cancer fundraiser event of the season!

Did you know September is International Resume Month?

50 States Staffing offers Travel Nurses tips for creating the perfect Online Application

The dog days of summer may be ebbing into fall, but recruiters in healthcare staffing are just warming up. This is prime time for travel nurse client services; our career experts are eager to match your talents with the best and highest paying travel nurse and therapy jobs in the country.

International resume month is just one of the themes celebrated during events this September—so don’t be surprised if messages pop up in your inbox, with the invitation to update your online nursing career application, or begin the process as a first timer, intent on finding the perfect travel nurse job.

50 States Staffing provides an online application; a guided, step by step process that allows its professionals and recent nursing graduates to log-in, save additions and changes as often as needed, and hit the “submit” button once they feel their application is at 100%.

50 States Staffing is posting some of the most desirable job locations in the country, like Florida travel nursing jobs. Don’t let your beachy-keen dream job go to someone else; with adequate preparation there’s a lucrative travel nurse job just around the corner!

Your new travel nurse career is waiting! Update your online application when you:

  • Add a new skill to your skill set
  • Earn a new license or certification
  • Work in a new job or nursing position

Recently, the “I love travel nursing” blog connected like-minded travel nurses and therapists to interview tips that got them hired—but before your big sit-down or phone interview with potential employers, it’s your up-to-date, all-questions-answered online application that attracts employers first.

Have these on hand in advance of making your online application
Well in advance of your travel nurse job search, you should have the following items printed or jotted down for quick reference; you’ll be transposing these bits of information to your online application:

  • Date(s) of graduation from nursing school/completion dates of specialty training and certification(s); you will also be asked to name where your nursing education was obtained
  • State nursing license # and certification #s where applicable
  • Names/contact information for professional references
  • Addresses/relevant information regarding all healthcare facilities of employ, both past and present (if you have it, furnish the last 10 years of your work history).

Travel Nurses Enjoy a Streamlined Application Process
In the digital age, it’s easy for qualified healthcare professionals to hop on the web and make easy online application. By clicking the apply online link, you either log into your password protected existing account, or create one in the time it takes to fill out a short form.

Qualified Applicants are literally “steps away” from finding the ultimate travel nurse career!
Answer questions on a guided, step-by-step online application today—get to work earning high pay and amazing benefits tomorrow! Before travel nurse jobs and therapy jobs can be filled, the applicant must participate in steps of the following nature:

  • Personal Information
  • Employment Status
  • Professional Information
  • Professional Licensure
  • Progress Update
  • Credentials/Certifications
  • Education
  • Geographical Preferences
  • Employment History
  • Employment References
  • Skills Checklist: Expect a sliding scale that lets you rate your degree of proficiency in every facet of each specialty, as well as how you meet age specific skills criteria among patients.

At 50 States Staffing your comprehensive and complete online application is a travel nurse’s recipe for success! Apply for rewarding, highly compensated registered nurse jobs and therapist jobs today. We have a good feeling about you, and hope to talk with you soon!

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