More Hospitals Require R.N.s to Obtain Stroke Certification

Important information about the American Heart Association’s Online Course  

Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in the nation, and costs billions in lost productivity for the American workforce. Many hospitals now mandate stroke certification for registered nurses on staff, a requirement that can be met online in approximately 2 hours, via theonline stroke certification for nurses American Heart Association. If they have not done so already, R.N.s are highly encouraged to become a member at AHA and enroll in the educational webinars and stroke scale group tests that are offered. To get a good idea of the course catalogue for stroke certification, visit AHA today.

Consultants at 50 States staffing recommend and value advanced certifications, including stroke certification; an experienced staffing agency that is Joint Commission approved, and affiliated with America’s best hospitals expects no less of job candidates and qualified team members spread out in nursing and therapy jobs from coast to coast. Our nursing staff work with cutting edge technologies in healthcare facilities that include joint commission approved stroke centers, and show advanced clinical skill in both preliminary and comprehensive stroke care. Healthcare careers at 50 States Staffing are a chance to perfect clinical skills in complex interventions, new technologies in brain and blood vessel imaging and more.

Advanced certifications among nursing staff have become “the norm” in the healthcare industry, which is one of many reasons that 50 States Staffing prioritizes continued learning, and offers free and unlimited CEUs as part of a generous benefits package. Before starting a new assignment, registered nurses should complete the NIH stroke scale, and get certified; this leaves no question for the healthcare employer on their competency to treat one of the most serious and inevitable medical emergencies in the patient population. Additional certifications that also come highly recommended are TNCC (Trauma Nursing core course) and advanced fetal monitoring for R.N.s specializing in neonatal care.

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**Stroke statistics cited in this blog were taken from The National Stroke Association website.

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