The Travel Nurses Lucky 7 List of Old Wives Tales That Actually Work!

More than likely, travel nurses and therapists working from coast to coast, from New York nursing jobs to California therapy jobs have a repertoire of old wives’ tales handed down from their parents and grandparents—that is, natural remedies you can serve up at home to cure what ails you, from sleepless nights, to cures for the common cold. But do any of them work? This is a list of old wives tales that scientists say have some bearing in truth.

  • Warm Glass of Milk Helps You Sleep: There are trace amounts of tryptophan in milk, but not enough to cause real drowsiness; it’s the psychological factor that makes a warm glass of milk so soporific; it makes us think of our mothers. As a labor and delivery nurse, how many babies have you seen fall asleep while they’re nursing? Heat up a cup of milk next time you have trouble nodding off!old wives tales for nurses
  • An Apple a Day: Not only can apples keep the doctor away by helping your immune system with healthy food, but studies show that the phenols in apples may protect human cells from damage that causes cancer. Researchers at Cornell University have found that up to six apples a day can prevent breast cancer in monkeys and believe this can be extrapolated to humans; now that’s food for thought!.
  • Cranberry Juice for a Bladder Infection: This one we have all heard of but may not know why. A study done at Harvard Medical School showed that the properties in cranberries destroy bacteria clinging to the wall of the bladder. Registered nurses who work in urology can feel good about this one!
  • Chicken Soup for Your Cold: While chicken soup can’t actually cure a cold, it does fight the congestion a lot of people get with it. Researchers have found that the amino acid cysteine is a byproduct of chicken soup; the interesting thing is that an antibiotic often prescribed for respiratory infections is in the same family as acetylcysteine, so mother definitely knew best there!
  • Watermelon Rind Is Good for the Skin: Scrubs Magazine featured a story once about a nurse who picked up a skin regime habit from an older patient with a baby face: watermelon wash! The rind of a watermelon is packed with vitamins and minerals, and has natural collagen-enhancing properties such as citrulline, an amino acid that aids the skin’s healing and regenerative processes. The juice from a watermelon also makes a great astringent! Get the most from your watermelon by trying out this healthy recipe for Watermelon & Honey Spritzer drinks.
  • Honey Prevents Certain Kinds of Allergies: If you’ve seen your fair share of allergies in the course of your travel nursing career , moving into Arizona may not be the only solution.  It turns out that eating local honey (produced near where you live) really works. The bees eat the pollen that’s in your region of the country; then they produce the honey that, once consumed is like receiving a mini allergy shot.
  • Carrots Are Good For Your Eyes: The old wives have it partly right here. Carrots don’t make you see any better in the dark or sharpen your vision, but this root veggie DOES reduce the risk of getting macular degeneration as you age. So, for those whose travel nurse jobs find them in skilled nursing facilities, tell your patients to eat their carrots!

Fact not Fiction: Travel Nurses are in the Business of Healthy Careers!

Some old wives’ tales are debatable, but staying healthy by eating right and exercising daily is an uncontestable truth. As registered nurses and therapists, you’re already on the right path to healthy careers; to stay on course, and find nutritious, low fat recipes and fitness tips, check out Healthy Careers; for rewarding nursing and therapy jobs in all 50 U.S. states, call 1-800-996-2206 or apply online today!

Footnote: Facts in this article were taken from the following sources: Natural Allergy Remedies – How to Treat Allergies Naturally – Woman’s Day  and 8 Old Wives Tales that are Actually True from Environmental Graffiti .
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