Healthcare Professionals Can Better Prepare for Hurricane Season with This Checklist!

Healthcare professionals in nursing and therapy jobs near low-lying coastal areas may be subject to an active hurricane season this year, beginning on June 1st and lasting through November 30th.  Part of every travel nurse’s hurricane plan should be checking with your Unit Manager or Director; you’ll need to see what your department’s guidelines are in the event of a hurricane. If you are scheduled to come in, you won’t need to bring in any of the items listed here, but it’ll bring peace of mind to know you’re well stocked at home, before heading to the hospital.

Grocery Checklist

Travel nurses needn’t feel as though they have to buy hundreds of dollars-worth of supplies all at once. Begin now, bit by bit, over the next several weeks. The following is an example of what WEEK 1 of hurricane shopping might look like:

  • Buy water: A gallon of water per day, for every person in the household; make sure there’s enough to help reconstitute instant foods.
  • Buy a large jar of Peanut Butter: It’s a great source of protein, with a fat and hurricane season shopping list calorie content that, while not as ideal for normal conditions, sustains your energy level when resources are scarce. Add a package of whole wheat crackers; the brand Wasa gets a thumbs up on a Healthy Careers’ tips for brown bagging it.
  • Buy fish: Canned tuna makes the most sense; you can also get it in a sealable pouch. Sardines are also a great choice. This is the easiest and perhaps healthiest meat group choice in the event of an emergency—lots of healthy omega fats!
  • Buy soup: Adding at least 1 can of soup to your cart in the weeks that you are stockpiling non-perishables is a great idea. Soups with lentils or other legumes satisfy the vegetable category on your hurricane checklist.
  • Buy matches: Look for matches in a waterproof container and consider throwing in a big package of votives or other inexpensive candles.
  • Buy Canned Fruit: Cling peaches are a great choice—very big pieces of fruit go a long way. Look for a BOGO sale!
  • Buy Powdered Milk: Other choices that satisfy the dairy category, here, are pudding to go and Laughing Cow wheels of cheese.
  • Buy 1 package of paper plates: They make your life easier when you have to make peanut butter and crackers, etc.

50 States Staffing Urges You to Keep Safe and Dry

Broward County’s Hurricane Kit Shopping Guide provides complete lists for up to 8 weeks of shopping and preparing. Florida travel nurses and therapists recognize Broward County as Hurricane Headquarters of the United States, and gives excellent tips for anyone living in hurricane prone areas. 50 States Staffing is extending our help and hope to you in the event of a storm, whether it’s a mild tropical one or a category storm that requires extra planning. Feel free to call your consultant (1-800-996-2206) to learn more about your hospital’s Hurricane plan, as well as check in to let us know you are A-OK.

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